Yacht Marketing and Sales

Yacht Marketing and Sales for your boat

Yacht Marketing and Sales is here to serve you! Looking to sell you boat, yacht, sailboat, catamaran, fishing boat, speed boat, tugboat, offshore boat or other pleasure craft, Let us help. Since 2000 I have been selling high priced items online using online. Using marketing techniques suited for the market and current trend in search. Most brokers pay for ads to appear on a search result page. They are put into a que to rotate with other ads to appear on that page. We use long term marketing and make sure our page always ranks on that search so we always appear. The more descriptive your ads, the more we gain exposure in our results.


Why pay a 10%+ to sell your boat when you can do much of the sales process yourself. If this is your goal but you are not getting quality buyers responding to your ad, our methods are more aggressive and provide better results. We use paid social media ads, videos and our online platform to get serious buyers with cash to your door! This is what we do and we get results. Depending on how much of the process you want to do determines the cost of our marketing help.

Canadian Yacht Broker offers Sales and Marketing of your boat

Selling your boat but want to do the showings and sale your self? That is what we do. We are marketing specialist for the marine industry. We want serious buyers to find your boat and you to enjoy the savings of selling it yourself with a savings and more money in your pocket. 

 Yacht Marketing and Sales

Our job is to get buyers that want to buy your boat. No hassle of learning to operate a modern marketing plan on social media and other boating platforms. CYB does the hard work because we have been for decades. Canadian Yacht Broker specializes in getting traffic to our website so your boat is seen and bought. We offer specialized online and social media marketing to where the buyers really are.


Canadian Yacht Broker does the leg work to sell your boat. CYB places the online ads. We handle the advertising of the boat on our social media platforms. We bring you solid buyers that want to look at your boat and in doing so provide you sales opportunities. You then handle the showings and the sales process with the buyer and enjoy the savings.